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Dear IPS team,

our good partnership started in February of this year when I got a cheap IP.S license from a guy who wants to go to the Burning Board by the german company WoltLab. I wanted to try out your solution so it was a good deal for us both. I am running both Burning Board and IP.S and every system has it's advantages. First, I was a little bit scared of investing 50$ every year just to get security updates and support. As the time goes, I've learned the following.

  1. Support is amazing! You guys do a great job here. You even assist if it isn't a problem with the suite (I had this today, forgot some changes during move to a new server), people are friendly and explain what they have done. You could learn something to give it back to other people here in the forums, if you like. This is a good reason for me to pay a higher and yearly price, because I know, if there is something not running, you're here to help. And as you are an international company with employees all over the world, you could even support me when it's night in Virginia.
  2. You hear your customers, you respect your customers. If there is something missing in the suite and many people like it, you would improve and / or integrate the requested things asap if possible. As we pay two times a year, there is no reason to say: "Yeah we maybe do this in the next big update e.g. 4.3, etc.". Even if something isn't possible, you communicate it. You're open to us. I love that. 
  3. It's worth it! As I said above, I was scared of the price of 150$ (which I avoided by the deal with another ex-customer from here) and yearly payments, I can now say that this is totally worth it. But I also need to say that I really miss some features that we had in the Burning Board (I could say the same at their support forums, and it's true). A problem for me is that many addons which are cheap or even free at the WBB marketplace are very expensive here. As a pupil, it's hard to afford, but I am trying to care about it.
  4. The community is great! It's really great to see this awesome community and the projects and people behind them. Every day I can browse threads like the Show us your IP.S site thread and I am suprised what people are building. If there is something I don't know I can ask here in the forums and the community helps and is friendly. This is something we don't had in the WoltLab support forum ("Use the search on top!", "Read the manual", "Take a look here (links information which is 2 years old)") - I am feeling worthy here.

Thanks for delivering such a great product and giving a wonderful crowd things to run cool projects! Let's see what the future brings, I'm in suprise ^_^

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