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I was wondering whether Template Syntax is valid on an IP.Content page?

I have a simple test page I'm using to try things out on, but it's not exactly cooperating.

{{if member}}
<p>Hello, {member.get_name()}</p>
<p>Hello world. Gtfo and login</p>

All I get back is:


Hello, {member.get_name()}

Note: I've tried "{member.name}" before using "get_name()" (what I found in "system\Member\Member.php" which I don't even know which methods are valid in template syntax.)

Misc. additional questions:

  • Where do I look to find applicable values for member? Is it just database fields (from core_members table)? Or maybe does it map to the PHP (public) members?

Praise: I do love this template syntax if it works for pages as it simplifies it from IP.Content's original usage of referencing $this->memberData ^_^ 


Thanks in advance!

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