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stig olsen

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My users can't find a way to cancel their subscription!
The payment is processed in second using paypal and stripe and when they visit their "my orders" area there are no "cancel invoice" button. If they click the "view details" button, there is also not a "cancel subscription" button. HOW can they cancel their subscriptions?


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IPS say: 

"This is a current limitation when using billing agreements, we cannot at the moment allow the user to cancel the purchase via Commerce. In the meantime, I would recommend that your customers cancel the purchase directly on PayPal.com"

That actually means that my users can't cancel their subscription via Commerce and that is as rediculous as it can get! 

How does your users deal with this? I guess that they are very happy jumping around in the menus looking for a cancel button that doesn't exist to find out after emailing you that there simply are NO solution and impossible to cancel their subscription through the system.

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