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Stream, specific member, not working right but not bug


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Use these settings for a stream of a member's content.

The only problem is, it only shows the content if the member started it, or, if the member has the last reply (and did not start it). So what is missing is the content they posted in where they were not the last poster.

So if you want to use the stream instead of the follow function, you are missing out on a lot of their content. You can select "Content items, comments, and reviews" and see it, but you may not want this view, as "Items only" should be showing the content item only if they posted in it, and when you click the title it goes to their (most recent) post.

Apparently not a bug, but should be addressed somehow or users are simply missing out on content that should be delivered and it's misleading.

Bug report said: "...it is showing you items that you (or a member) started, or were the last poster in. This is logical to the SQL, but not so much for humans."

It was closed but stated they know of the limitation, so figured I'd officially suggest a fix/function, since this may be impacting sites.

Would actually be nice to choose between "started by" and "all". But showing what is intended to be all as "started by" or "last replied" is odd.


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