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More refined Search criteria


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I honestly don't know how hard this would be to implement but it would be nice to have a more refined set of search criteria for the activity streams. I will make a list of the possible changes to the activity stream that I think would be helpful (specifically for staff members but I think members could use this too).

  • Ability to search specific types of content items. By this I mean not just Content items or Everything I think that Content Items (which I believe are like topics, graphics, articles, database items etc) comments (which I assume are posts, and comments) and reviews (which is just the reviews tab) should be individualized. I know plenty of people that like to read people's critique specifically from someone to get a gauge for the person themselves.
  • Ability to search for a specific person's content in a specific area. My example for this is that I want to see all posts from a single (or even a group of members) member in a single forum but the only thing I can search for is either the posts in the forum with specific search terms or everything by the member. It doesn't give me any flexibility to check on specific behavior that is reported in a single area without shuffling through other posts that member may be also making at the same time.


Honestly right now that is all I can think of. I may think up more but I'll post a new thread if I do.

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Are you wanting to search or create streams? You said streams but it sounds like you may want this for the search form, for researching a member.

1. I can see singling out Reviews in the stream sure. If you have some product review databases etc. custom streams should be possible.

2. Have you clicked the gear icon in Topics? You can select forums here (database categories too), and select a user under Ownership.

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