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Search the community - overcoming 'empty search term' issue

Mike Kotlov

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Hello! Sometimes I need to find members, who have a specific word in their profile. For example, all members have a profile field called 'Company', and I'd like to find all members who work, let's say, at Microsoft. So I go to 'Search the community' page, in the 'Company' field I type in 'Microsoft', but the search doesn't go through, because I left the main "Search term' field empty (I left it blank because it's designed for searching through members' usernames, which is not my case). Is it possible to overcome this issue and allow searches even if the 'Search term' field is empty?

(my forum is a closed community with the number of members less than 200, so an empty/broad query wouldn't overload the server).

Please help.

2 Error if Search term is empty.png

1 Searching by company name.png

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