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Add moderator on certain category IPS Community Suite v4.1.7

Adrian Vlasa

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Hello folks,


I have some problem with adding moderator to someone on just one or more categorys

If i`m going in ACP at Members > Staff / Moderators > Add moderator , here is asking a group or a member so if i chose a member i will give him moderator to all category , i do not have any option to chose on what forum/category to add moderator


any advices / help please  




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On 1/15/2016 at 2:50 AM, Jesse Rapczak said:

click on the content tab and uncheck all. Then the forums tab will show up.

:o :o 

Spent half an hour trying to add a moderator group to a subforum, and failed. Came here searching for a solution. And surprised.

Very intuitive, very simple-to-use, genius idea! Bravo IPS!

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