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Categorization for Module Based Support?


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Suggestions unless I'm missing something. I just tried searching the site for a forum on Pages but there is none, similar to the way there is one set up for IPS 3 like IP.Content, IP.Forum, etc. Would this not be a good idea to set up so that questions, support and issues can be easily browsed and searched? I'm getting confused here with one large repository of IPS 4 "stuff" but no ability to separate discussions on each module.

In addition a suggestion for consistent treatment of everything (and I wish it was uniform for modules, especially permissions.) It always confuses me to see "Topics" in search. Consistency is really important across the modules. When searching you search a repository. You search "Forum(s)" not topics or threads. You search the Gallery, not "Images." So you wouldn't search the store/Nexus but Products? What if you offer products AND services and other things? 


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