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One constant struggle with owning a forum is keeping activity up. It takes CONSTANT nurturing which is what we get paid to do so I'm not complaining but it would be nice if we had tools to make this easier. One thing we depend on from time to time is asking for volunteers to post a few questions at our forum in exchange for an $xx valued membership. The problem is that often times takes alot of oversight or else they don't post as agreed etc. 

We've also offered some of our most regular posters free memberships in exchange for their activity efforts but then you're often stuck with them disappearing. They come back a year or two later wanting their free membership back and it poses an awkward conversation or decision. 

Well, playing these little iPhone games I find myself getting hooked with the ones that offer you 5 free diamonds a day or something (cooking fever) each time you login. When you forget it starts over and you have to login 5 days in a row before you get the 5 diamonds a day or something. Surprisingly this keeps me coming back for those little games and I'm not very into games...LOL. Well, rewards system for forums could be pretty complex and tedious for you guys to build and match everybody's needs. But what if you stripped it down to something as simple as this...

A permission set that disables if new topics or posts aren't done every x days. That's it! So we as forum owners can then offer this membership for free upon approval or invite to encourage activity OR a small fee. Then once it expires from inactivity they have to repurchase it again or request approval. It's basically just a system that keeps an eye on itself rather then us having to babysit volunteer posters. Does that make sense? 

No, this is not a request for Nexus or whatever to do something like that but more of a dynamic permission set of some sort.

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