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Site dosent refreshed


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Several users has reported this and I also experience it on my iPad but not on my computer:

When I start the browser and go to my site I get an old version of the homepage (I use all activity as startpage) posts displayed are old and and after a few seconds I get the "There are 56 new Messages..." bar. And when I click it the feed gets updated, but when I close the browser and restart I see the old page again.

What could be wrong? Semms like some browser cache issue, but its stange that so many users experience the same problem. 

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advanced configuration in ACP  [server enviroment] tab -  set cache sidebar , header and footer blocks is set to 300 seconds (5mins) you can change this

Also same place but [data storage] tab and set cache for guests or disable it.

Finally there's a Leverage browser caching that is set via HTTP headers that could need adjusting - look it up on web for more details 

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