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Menu Manager sort order error


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It's annoying, isn't it?

The only sure-fire way I found to get them labelled and ordered as i wanted was to change the labelling (and associated links) rather than to change the order - and to ignore the order that the menu builder presents you with (publish to the forums, and then check order on the forums).


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14 hours ago, GoAncestry said:

ok, what a pain.  Did you have to just re-enter the link to the page, or change the format of the link and page name?


sorry, I'm not getting what you mean.

I looked at the labelling & URL of first menu tab on the live forums (rather than in the menu manager), and then changed the item in the menu manager with that label & URL to what I wanted it to be.

I then did the same thing for the following tabs.

Yep, it's a pain. But it does get you the menu structure you want.

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