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How do I debug issue within MySQL DB

Devin De Frisco

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I have been having issues with EasyPost not working at all on my live installation. I have tested all variables I could think of and have narrowed it down to an issue with data in my SQL database. 

How can I figure out what is causing the issue? There is no error message and the only log entry generated is apache saying it ran out of memory. In an identical environment this issue does not happen. Only when I use the same SQL data does it show up. Using the same SQL data is actually the only way I have been able to reproduce this issue at all. I obviously don't want to just wipe my database and start fresh because it is full of live data, but I do want to find the issue that is causing this script to run indefinitely and then run out of memory. 

Is there some sort of diagnostic mode/setting that I can turn on to see what is actually happening behind the scenes? 

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