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Tracy Perry

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Is there a gallery embed button for the editor for the IPS gallery?

I know a competitor's script has that ability for their provided gallery add-on to add an embed button directly to the editor toolbar.



When you click on the Embed option, this shows up (on the script I'm using as an example)


Simple, clean and easy for the end user to use.

If these are all supposed to be smooth flowing applications that are bundled to work together, why is something as simple as this not there?

As an aside, you have a gallery - now, why not have it set (by ACP settings) to create user albums in addition to the current setup?  As it is now, they all get thrown together and the users have to figure out how to create their own albums - it would be much nicer if the gallery had the ability to create an individual user album that you could then allow them to create additional albums under it.  The current implementation is a simplistic one that is far exceeded by several other galleries on the market (standalone and add-on for other scripts).  It's rather disappointing how simplistic some of the features of these modules (read add-on options) are, especially if you consider that they were allegedly designed for stand alone use in addition to being used with the other ones.  


Again, from the same script (and yes, several will know what one that is - but when something is done well, you use it as an example).  As you can see, there are categories - and then albums.  It's not so jumbled and everything pretty much tossed together as with IPS's gallery add-on.  

As it is now (from what I can tell) the default IPS gallery only uses categories that you can then have albums under - but also they (the users) can dump photos into the category without making albums.  You then end up with a jumbled mess like this if you create an area titled (Members Albums) if the end users do not create their own album.



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