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Thumbshot in database field display


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I have a database with a URL field with a field key of linkswebsite

In another field I have text field where I have the display option of

<img src="http://images.thumbshots.com/image.aspx?cid=0o9U8fC5h2s%3d&v=1&w=[Width]&url=[linkswebsite]" border="1" alt="Preview by Thumbshots.com" /> which doesn't work

I have also tried <img src="http://images.thumbshots.com/image.aspx?cid=0o9U8fC5h2s%3d&v=1&w=[Width]&url=[{linkswebsite}]" border="1" alt="Preview by Thumbshots.com" />

Any ideas?

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Got it sorted should be {$formValue} and I just added it to the URL field of the database so I could use {$formValue} rather than make a second field just for thumbshots

So in URL field display it is <img src="http://images.thumbshots.com/image.aspx?cid=0o9U8fC5h2s%32d&v=1&w=[Width]&url={$formValue}" border="1" alt="Preview by Thumbshots.com" />

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