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Special BBCode

Claire Field

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So I was just about starting to get the hang of adding my own bb codes to 3 and then 4 confuses me all over again. :p So my question is, are there any tutorials out that that help me to A/ add special bb code to 4 and B/ help me to create bb code post templates? I would really like an accordion and also a tabbed post template (for use in forum rules as well as posts) and would pay for them to be created, but I also want to learn how to code this stuff myself. :D


Advice? Help? :D

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13 hours ago, Austin Headley said:

I'm new to this as well but I don't see any kind of way to set custom bbcodes, so I would assume it would have to be done by adding a button to the editor, which can be done at Customization -> Editor -> Toolbars - > Add Button -> Custom.


Thank you!


The form looks simpler than the special bbcode on IPB3. Are there any changes I should be wary of/look into more?

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