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Totally lost


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Hello there,

Not quite sure what is wrong but just can't add anything to the page. Here's what I have done so far:


1. Installed IPB 3.4 and used converter to migrate from VB to IPB

2. Upgraded by ftping the IPB 4.1 files in the same location as IPB 3.4 

3. The upgrade process did not throw a single error


Now I have created couple of pages and I have no idea how to go about adding content to it. When I open page builder it shows a blank page under the page. I want to check out adding a block to the page but I see no option for doing that. I have spent couple of hours trying to find out a documentation but in vain. 

When I click the page builder attached is what shows up. How do I add content please or if you can point me to any documentation for adding content to page that'll be great. 

Thanks in advance.







Just read another topic on this forum that said  ""This will open the Page in Block Manager mode; in the left hand menu fifth from the top expand "Pages".

There is no block manager showing unfortunately. 

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