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[Pages] How do you test if a field is empty ?


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In the records templates, I need to hide a field if it's empty.
Before the 4.0, it was possible to do that :

<if test="$data['record']['field_17']">{$data['record']['field_17']}</if>

Since the 4.0, this doesn't work.
I tried this without success : 

  <if test="{customFieldDisplayByKey('field_17')">



So, how to hide a field, if it's empty, please ?



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Eh eh, I think I have found the solution, by doing something like that :

	{{if $fieldValue}}{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('field_1')|raw} 
<div class="contenu">
  	<h2 align="center" class=' ipsType_sectionTitle ipsType_reset ipsType_blendLinks'>




No, this is unperfect, because the first $record-> is not only evaluated, but also displayed :(

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