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How delete <wbr> ?


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Why when I put the value of any of the fields (IP Content), then the system inserts a <wbr> so the link is broken? Example:


Links dont work! And my constuction dont work:

  <div class="browser_screenshot">
        {{$v = str_replace('<wbr>','',$v);}}
		<img class="ipsImage" src="http://mini.s-shot.ru/1024x600/1024/jpeg/?{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('site_link')|raw};">

Help me please

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Edit: pardon my poor reading comprehension. My comment is for a different situation than yours. Apologies.

In some cases using {$formValue} instead of {value} will fix this.  

(Although I did have a test conversion early on though that I could never get rid of the word-break tag...)

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