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Replace words by links


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ok i just tested, it seems it doesnt affect old posts

or maybe it will take time to affect them ?

Also for a new post, it works !

but the problem is that it doesnt take into account the html

l replaced keword1 by <a href="url">keyword1</a>

but instead of showing keyword1 it shows raw html : <a href="url">keyword1</a>

How to make it work ?

Tx a lot :)

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I tried, but it doesnt work, it wouldnt parse the filter words (maybe because the same word appear again in the replacement url)

on our previous forum, we used this :

require .'include/strings.php';

    global $searchReplaceword;
foreach($searchReplaceword as $search => $replace)
  $cur_post['message'] =


and then on the file strings.php :

$searchReplaceword = array(

" word1 " => " <a href='http://www.url.com/go/word1' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>word1</a> ",
" word2 " => " <a href='http://www.url.com/go/word2' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>word2</a> "

would be great to use this on IPB ! :)

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