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Was hesitant to post this since a lot of issues I'm having still aren't resolved, but anyway here goes.

Support thought/think it's a great idea, auto-signature: http://i.imgur.com/r6AY8Ja.png

Basically it's like works like a copyright in the posting area (like I'm writing now), the image will be placed at the right-bottom of the posting field.

Even if a user re-size the window the signature will scale with it and thus always being in the same position. Visible, elegant, class, personality to your site.

It will be visible in the posting area or any posting area on the site (be it messages, comments in the gallery, downloads or topic reply).


Other suggestions, make the Block Manager's tab customizable and with that I meant being able to move the [tab] from the default left-mid of the screen to say bottom-right/bottom-right.

As it stands I can't stand the position where it's at, it's kinda intrusive and in my face (probably how the eye works, idk).


More suggestions, allow to embed links from DailyMotion, Facebook and the YouTube url shortener "youtu.be", the latter is sometimes used by Google on Youtube.

Convenience thing, but with a software throwing "Community" all over the place these things should have been present already, yet it's a step back from what I was using in so many ways.


Build in voice like Mumble and TeamSpeak along with the viewer integrated into the software, add it just like any other Widget.

Since you guys are charging the same price as Enjin it boggles my mind as to why voice isn't included in the package.

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