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API and or Documentation for developers


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I think it would be very beneficial for extension developers to have some sort of proper API we can look into. The source code is poorly documented and really hard to follow.

How is putting "make request" in the docblock for a method called "makeRequest()" ever going to explain anything to a new set of eyes on the code? The documentation in the IPS4 resources is semi-ok but nearly not up to par what I am used to from other projects. Not even my IDE has any idea what is going on.

Either way, an API schema would be nice. Just my 5 cents. Oh and some more interaction with the actual IPB developers would be nice too, so we can ask questions and actually get a response. I spent ages to figure out something that was super simple.

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@Mark that was just an example. Take a look at IPS\File. Almost all the methods there have non-descriptive docblocks.

	 * "Un"-obscure the filename
	 * @param	string	$filename	The filename
	 * @return	string
	protected function unObscureFilename( $filename )

I still have no idea what the above method does.

It's just an observation. If you guys find that comfortable to work with be my guest. I'm just trying to make my own life easier (and that of other developers) :rofl:

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