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For the most part I am happy with this product. I did have a problem with my gallery but Brandon took care of that issue. There are some things I would like to see or maybe I am missing them because I am new to this version. The 1st is the gallery. I would like to see a way for members to have a way to copy generated code (like on the 3.4.7 version) for there images so they can post them on other sites. Less experienced members can't do it themselves and the code helps them out. The 2nd is the advertisements. As much as I like the idea that has been implemented, it needs a little work. I found when I placed the 728x90 ads that they also appeared on the mobile app which made the mobile app look bad. I was forced to use auto responsive ads which worked great on the mobile app but not on the main theme. The ads were to stretched out and looked ridiculous on the main theme. I winded up just removing my ads altogether. Perhaps separating (using the same coding) the main theme from the mobile theme for ads might work better. 

Just two ideas to think about is all. :)

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