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I'm a little confused by this. I see "item prefixes" - what is this? It looks like the ability to set a "primary tag" that will be shown for any given Topic/Thread. I'm not sure if I'm understanding this system correctly - it's like a user defined keyword that acts like a tag? I did a search for settings and I see none. If so, this will become abused very quickly. What's the purpose Users seem to be able to create any Topic tag they wish and run amok with 4 word "prefixes" that will dominate the look of your forums (to grab attention to their Topics.) 

It doesn't work like any prefix I've used, which would limit users to a prefined short list of prefixes per forum, which is quite essential for many sites I run. There is a great Prefix plugin for IPB 3 which does this. So your "support forum" has topic prefixes choice of "bug, suggestion, resolved, etc." allowing users to see at a glance the type of topic and also, if you wish, a status. 

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