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This seemed to important not list separately. I took a look at plugins and could not find one that displays only post count - perhaps I missed it. I only found something called "Top Contributors" -- IPS explains this as "Best Contributors" which is really "Top Reputation". This will probably not apply to new sites since earning "reputation" takes time. Content count is still very important to motivate users to post. While I'd prefer it for each module, e.g. forum, gallery, articles, it has to be present in some form or another, whether or not it counts all the content on the site as IPS does now. I think I did notice some other plugins related to posting but not for the forum.

I'm not quite sure how to rename these blocks just yet, which I've set up on my test site home page. They seem to be preconfigured in Pages. As such, I think it's also essential to have this since I would prefer to name my Top Posters plugin "Top Contributors" and my reputation list "Top Rated Members"

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