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New Topics be able to create "Event" in Calendar

The Jimmo

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Can't remember if this has been discussed before but something great for car forums and other like forums that have events + discussion around those events, that a Topic could in essence create an Event in the Calendar so a user doesn't have to manually do both to take advantage of both and provide better integration between the 2. The Topic would automatically have a link in the first post to the event and the event would have a link to the discussion.  Calendar events have come a long way since v3 and I respect that but I feel like this is a big gap. As my member would like more attention to their events (which can be handled greatly with the Calendar app and it's widgets in IPS4) but at the same time be able to actively discuss what is going on, then obviously after post pictures and continue to discuss.

Think combining these essentially would be a great addition and really make this a "community suite"

I have more ideas about implementation but just wanted to get the idea out there.

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