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Menu Items, Width & Profile Header


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I just wanna say that I am surprised by how I am enjoying IPB 4 so far, I honestly didn't think I would but after upgrading I am starting to warm to it. I do however have a couple of questions:

I have a Support Menu Item & I have no idea how to remove it?


I have gone to the Menu editor & the only one I can edit/remove is T-Shirts. So where do I now control the others?


I am also looking at setting a fixed width for my Forums, does anyone know where I would do this? I used to use Tom Christians Plugin.

There was also one last thing I noticed when trying to change my profile header. When I click edit header the popup displays really, really far over to the right:


I am also noticing that not all the forum categories are displaying for guests, even though the permissions are ticked for guests?


Many thanks



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