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IP.Board Bulk Mail suggestions


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1: a TEST button to send out the mass-email ONLY to the person that created it. (this would help find problems that were not caught during the proofreading & before it is sent out to the membership)

2: in the "Variables" options, add:

Log In: {board_url}?app=core&module=global&section=login
Lost Password Recovery: {board_url}?app=core&module=global&section=lostpass

(a list of all possible "Variables" would be nice... the 2 variables i listed above do work when sending a mass-email)

3: a filter that would sort mass-email by the gender they have chose in their profile

4: a "PAUSE" button so the mass-email can be paused, edited, (including filters) & then resumed without resending to members that have already received the mass-email. (like when you Cancel & resend

5: when sending to "Member is in group", there should be tick boxes for each individual  "Member group". (the current method does not always work properly for choosing multiple Member groups


i truly hope you consider these productive suggestions,


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