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  1. Hi, Is there any plan to implement something like this? I have found many people wanting this and I also want it badly. Does not need to be complex, only to hide the username if the users says anonymus and let the moderators see who said it. Thank you! Regards, Nils
  2. Just found this, I would love this! Should be standard
  3. I know of this feature but it does not work on my forum at least (I am currently solving it by SQL-updating the settings for all new users): https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/402-notification-settings-not-working-major-r5632/ The bulk-mail can be used to some extent but for me at least it is absolutely littered with bugs (to the point that I do not dare use it because every time I have used it (4-5 times) crappy looking emails have gotten out to all my users: Some features I would love in a digest email would be (I also want freedom to choose which of them that are included): Most liked posts/topics New topics New posts Highly rated topics Latest status updates Announcements Custom text block (to use for “did you know”, tip of the week etc.) New followers Your followers wrote in this topic… New members Etc. I would like to choose how often it should be sent out (own schedule for example). I would also like to be able to choose how many items of new topics etc. that should be sent. Also would like the possibility to choose which timespan the digest should be looking at (for example most liked content the last 2,5 weeks). You could peak at linkedIn:s digests for some inspiration of features.
  4. I would really like to see a way to activate digest emails to users that are respecting the forum permissions. I know that there are digests emails weakly if users activate them and responses to thir content. But I want to send a digest on what is new on the forum independent of whether the users are created content or not.
  5. I would like a feature to both automatically and manually send a summary email of the forum to all members. This could be for example top contributors, latest subjects etc. It could be a bit like the weekly digest that users get if they use this. Is there any way one could create it oneself? Regards, Nils
  6. One thing I love though is that they have created a filter "Out of date" which I presure are tags that can be removed.
  7. ​This is one solution! The problem is that if strings are changed (which they are) on updates the changes are not implemented as the old translation is present:(
  8. Hi, I would like to see a forum section specific for feature requests.
  9. I would love to have a parameter (checkbox) in the ACP when translating the language that said "Checked" or similar. I do not want to translate the ACP and therefore there are a lot of untranslated stings. When new stings are added with updates I cannot find them because I have a lot of stings that are untranslated. It should (for obvious reasons) be possible the filter on this parameter as well as others. For example not checked and untranslated.
  10. Hi, In my board people tend to paste content and it is formatted differently every time. I would like to choose if "Paste as plain text by default" should be the standard setting and I would also like the option to change existings users settings for this. Regards, Nils
  11. ​This is exactly what I would like to see as a standard feature in IPB 4.
  12. ​You have a point, however I this does not work on my site for different reasons.
  13. ​Yes, however I did not know it existed in 3.4.7!
  14. I acually found exactly what I was looking for (however it is not working in IPB4). I cannot insert the link as it is, some bug when I try to post therefore this: community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5015-user-groups-in-register-form-control-panel/ It would be great if this was IPB standard.
  15. ​It would need restictions etc. ​That could be a solution! Then have the posibility to set forum permissions etc.
  16. Hi, I think a great feature would be to have the possibility to let the users choose which user group they belong to when they register. Regards, Nils
  17. Hi, I think a great feature would be to have the possibility to make a forum anonymous. A place where users can post but their user-name and information is not shown, they are completely anonymous. If you have a forum where users know who people are (like mine) this would be great to let them discuss more sensitive things. Regards, Nils
  18. ​Sounds good, I will have a look. I am only performing small modifications, adding some code and commenting some but it is several files so would be good to not do it every time. The reason is that I want support for the use of real names and these modifications lets me do that.
  19. ​Thank you, interesting! Sadly I am not a good programmer so I think this is a bit above my knowledge but I will keep looking at that forum and try it in the future.
  20. ​Is there any way I can create a modd that will "survive" a update? I need to change the php files:) Regarding the theme, should my theme have been updated and remain as it is?
  21. ​Ok, here it is: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/theme-partially-stoped-working-rc1-rc3-r3665/
  22. Hi, I am new to IP Board and have recently released my first site with IPB 4.0 RC1. I updated it to RC3 today and ran into some issues. One was that several pages stopped working (for example account settings). After some testing I found out that the default theme worked but not mine. My conclusion is that the default theme has been updated but not mine. As I do not want to recreate my theme every time a update is performed I would like a different solution. How do I perform this in an easy way? I remove some objects in the original theme by commenting the code as well as making a few modifications. I also change colors in the ACP (not by code). How do I keep these changes and still get new updates to the theme so errors like this do not occur again? I also have some modifications to .php files (I have modified the files to create support for real names in IPB). These were also changed but I understood that they would. However, I wonder if there is any easier way to keep the changes and till update without modifying every file again. Regards, Nils
  23. This works for me: ​Directory: C:\XAMPP\htdocs\forum\uploads URL: http://localhost/forum/uploads
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