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Notifications not working?


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Notifications aren't working for me - at all.

My notification settings are set to “Automatically Follow New Content I Post” and “Content I Reply To”, by email when "new content is posted" (immediately).

- I've not received any notifications for any new content I've posted to or replied to, even though the button to "Notify me of replies" is on.

- I seem to have been removed from some Marketplace support topics. Or, I've been set to not receive notifications on other topics.

- If I click "Follow" on a topic, I can't choose "A notification when new content is posted" as it won't let me because it claims: "You cannot use this option because you have not chosen how the notification should be sent". Err, yes I have chosen how, as mentioned above.

Is this a known bug? I've tried to search but couldn't see anything about it (unless the search function isn't finding it?).

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