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IPS Connect Error


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Hi,guys. I am going to develop a module for the integration between Prestashop and IPS.

So I searched for something about SSO.

The link below shows how to fulfill SSO in IPS.


 I have tried the example given in this link, but it keeps showing an error .

"IPS Connect rejected the details provided. Please check the details you provided have been entered correctly and try again."

There is a txt document named "readme" in the folder 'Master' (downloaded from link above).

I followed all the instructions in that txt doc.

I did put 'master' and IPS in the same domain (localhost) and did set up an database for the master script and import the SQL file.

Also I did not forget a tailing slash at the end fo the master's  URL.

So why dose this problem still occur?

Anyone knows how to deal with this?

Is there any special attention that I omitted?

Thanks and waiting for your kind reply.

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