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IP 3.4.7 to IP 4 beta 3a - entry image not showing?

Ryan Thomas

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Hey guys,

I just ran a test upgrade from 3.4.7 to 4.0 Beta 3a and everything seems to work fine.

However, I noticed that my blog entry images are not showing.  In fact, in 4.0, I do not see an area for the entry image as seen in 3.4.7

Please tell me there's a way to convert over all of those entry images... :(

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Anyone else have this problem?

Also noticed it for IP Pages as well... I really hope that IP allows us to convert all of our entry images over because upgrading to 4.0 would be pointless for me then and I will have to input over 200+ articles by hand because, as of right now, main entry images are not migrated over which is surprising to me.  In fact, it doesn't look like IP Blog and IP Pages 4.0 even support a main article image which is just strange.

Anyway IP staff could review this decision and implement this for those of us who need to migrate over?

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