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Have the French fashion IN_DEV


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I'm not sure I understand what it is you're asking. Could you try explaining again what it is you're trying to do?

I have trouble with English.

I put my forum in French here is a screenshot to better understand


And when I switch mode IN_DEV forum and administration back in English? And I asked you if there is a solution for the IN_DEV mode remains in my French language?

Thank you to lean on my request. :thumbsup:

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IN_DEV uses whatever language you've put in your /cache/lang_cache/master_lang folder. If it was English, that's what it will use.

You'd have to rebuild your master language as French for it to work.

You have to keep in mind. IN_DEV doesn't use skins and languages from your ACP. it uses what's on the server for your master. So it doesn't matter what skin or language you selected on your front end.

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In ips4 IN_DEV uses the jslang.php and lang.php files within the applications/*/dev/ directories.

Yes saw it in the directory that you say but hard to find or file on the ftp for the translation is done in French .?

In that directory I could find work made ​​for French translation?


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