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Do we rent or buy?


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I purchase the licenced version of the ip.board, download and content.

Recently I shutdown my company and removed the forum. Now I was about to upload it (download and upload) it to a new site

with new content.

To my shocking eyes I see that there is no files under download and under purchase I need to buy an reactivation for 50 bucks.

What it gods name is this, do we rent the licence or was my purchase just a sideshow so that IPS could charge me 50 bucks every 6 month in order

to have a valid licence.

I was under the notion that the support feature was payable in cyclus of 6 months (optional that is)

Please correct me if I am wrong and guide my to my files..



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Sorry. did not read it all and do bad I forgot to save the files, which btw now cost me 50bucks.

Notice to all, do not do the same mistake, download and backup..

Product renewals

Our product licenses renew on a six month basis*, providing continued access to software, support, and services.

If you do not renew on your expiration date, your products will continue to function. However, support, software downloads and additional services (such as the IPS Spam Monitor, and IPS Marketplace) will be unavailable until you renew.

You can renew at any time without penalty to regain access to IPS services.

The renewal cost we show on this page is what your renewal will be in 6 months based on the products you've chosen and the current renewal pricing.

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Always save files from any download. Files can vanish at any time, including paid for apps in the marketplace here. Nothing is guaranteed in life.

This is true of anywhere.

Your $50 also gives you updates for the next 6 months, ability to use the extras such as the spam service and of course support.

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