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Easier to manage "global" moderators


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There are cases where I would want for moderators to be able to moderate all over the forum, but where I don't want the moderator to be able to permanently delete content.

If I want to have it like that today, I have to:

  • Add a moderator to a forum
  • Select all forums in the menu
  • Turn on every moderator function one by one except for the ability to permanently delete

Just to have them not be able to not permanently delete but still have access to all the other functions.

I wish there could be easier to say something like: "Apply this moderation action permission set to all current and future forums for these groups".

And that you would be able to flip it around. To turn the select into "Select the forums that they should NOT have moderator access in". That way they would automatically get moderator permissions to all new forums, but you would also be able to choose a certain set of forums where you don't want to give moderator access.

Either way, my point is that when adding forums I find it very tedious and prone for errors / inconsistencies when I need to add moderator powers to groups that are supposed to have the same moderator actions available all over the forum (but not necessarily all the moderator actions) in the current system.

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