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Calendar hook points


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I'd like to see a few hook points added to IP.Calendar.

Data Hooks:

Need a postAddEvent and postEditEvent.

The key reason for the postAddEvent is so we can have the ID of the entry being inserted.

Template Hook points:
calendarEventForm, for example, you can hook into the middle of the option tags in various places, and in the middle of input tags, but there is only about 2 or 3 spots you can actually hook into the template and not be in the middle of another element. The first hook point available on this template to add your own field to the form is 'canaskrsvp'. Maybe a few more hook points throughout the form so extra fields can be added at more appropriate places. As it is, I have to add a date field after you select the calendar and not with the rest of the date info.

IIRC, we're hooking into 'ids' in 4.0, that's great, but there is still a lack of elements with distinct id's. There are more than there are hook points, but still not quite there.

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