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BBcode image to attachment?


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There is a big issue in the communities where a lot of pictures are posted via link.

1. The board speed depends on how fast third-party sites are loaded.

2. If images are loaded from the sites that have been hacked, the whole page is blocked. E. g. this forum is as well blocked because of malware There are also other pages that are blocked by Google here and also boards of IPS clients.

3. You see that moderators cannot just go through all the posts to replace or delete malware links or links to the resources that are slow or do not exist any more.

4. Some images disappear when they are deleted on third-party resources.

5. Some images are replaced with something that can insult users or with advertisments even years after they have been posted.

I suggest that image bbcode optionally converts the image link into upload and then external link to the image is automatically replaced with local link. Benefits:

  • There would be no visible changes for the users.
  • This would work in fast reply.
  • The board will not be dependant on site speed of other resources
  • The board pages will not be blocked by Google or antivirus
  • The board images are saved for ever.
  • The admin of the board has full control over the content of the images ever placed on the board.
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