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RSS export permission check should be done as guest


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Currently in the RSS export settings you have to be careful adding forums because no permission checks are carried out. However, I'm unsure as to why this is not done to some degree?

I do realize you can't deliever personalized RSS exports depending on which user it is, but I do believe you should do some basic permission checks, or atleast put the option for it to be done.

You should view all RSS exports to be viewed by the lowest ranking member group available, and that is the guest group. You could then check the forum permissions for the guest group before you export it.

I can't see any reason why you would want to create RSS feeds that consists of content guests are not permitted to read, but if there is a reason for that, then you could add an option.

It could be a yes / no -option: "Bypass guest permission check?" or it could be an option named: "RSS forum feed permission check as user group: ", you would then get a dropdown with all the user groups listed in additon to "No permission check".

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