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[Suggestion] ability to post an article in DRAFT


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I'm a long time IPB user and short-time wordpress user, I blog about things I do on both my forums www.windows-noob.com and my blog www.niallbrady.com. but to be honest wordpress makes it easier for me to walk away and do other things and come back to the content i was writing in order to continue...

it does that via a feature 'save draft' this feature is so good that I can start writing on one computer, and continue on another, on IPB however i have Post New topic or Preview Post which is fine and dandy for a 5 minute post but when you spend hours carefully writing about 'how to sequence apps using APP-V 5' or someother cutting edge technology you find yourself having to compose the entire article in days rather than hours or minutes,

what I'd like to see is save draft so that I can go and do other things and come back to my post, continue editing it and when I think it's done click on Post New Topic

please please please IPB bring this feature to the product, you'd make one person very happy indeed.



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The difference is that you are the one saving drafts on your WP blog. If everybody on a forum could save a draft, I wonder how many drafts there would be that would never get published taking up valuable space in the database.

IPB already has an auto-save feature which I have found to be quite adequate.

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This is a highly requested feature among my users. My users tell me that when they intent to write up large posts, this often takes up a lot of time and its needed to revisit the writeup several times. My users mostly use MS Word or Google docs for this. However it is easy to forget such. If the forum (and also the blog) would have draft features this would make it much easier to create such write ups.

But it would be needed to actively remind users that they have a pending draft. For example by putting it in their notifications and also by sending the user email notifications once in a while that they have a pending draft to publish.

I think its important to realize that drafts will be used mostly for large writeups, articles. i.e. those writings which are often most valuable to a forum. Therefore a draft function will likely enrich website content.

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