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Return Tag links URL encoded


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Currently links to tags for IPContent stuff returns something like this


the presence of the [] in the link/url means that when someone clicks on the tag and copies the link that it can mess up when pasting it to the forums or using it in other places that support bbcode. Most BBCode parsers will break on the extra square brackets.

I suggest that the end portion be returned url encoded, like so


This would prevent the url from breaking the parser (at least in the places I tested it) and it still works fine when you go to the link.

Also if anyone knows of any hooks that fixes this issue please let me know as it causes alot of frustration on my forum when people try to share content tag links.

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It works, I manually changed the URL by replacing the [] with the url encoded version and created a link back to my boards on an external website (exactly like above just with my forum name and tags). The original version with the unencoded [] did not work on the external boards, even if the url was wrapped in quotes in the bbcode. The changed version worked fine and pulled up the correct articles.

Even if it didn't work though, IMO it is something that would need changing because it causes this problem for no real reason, other characters could be used as delemiters instead of ones which brake bbcode parsing for an average user that just wants to share a link.

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