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Extend Ad Code Integration


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I'd like to see you extend the Ad code integration in two areas.

First and the most important

Have a box to insert code in the head section. This is so important as most ad servers like DfP require code to be put in the head section for the ads to work.

This also needs to be able to be overridden for the different sections like you can do with the Header and Footer code currently.

Secondly extend the integration to work with the other applications like Gallery, Blogs and Content.

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sorry for posting in an old topic

I've been trying to add DFP tags to our forum. It seems that you have to edit the templates to do any of this.

I also wanted to have our adunits be "domain.tld/cars/audi/" or "domain.tld/bikes/harley" etc. The only way to do this was with a hook, since the default ad code is not parsed in any way :(

The ad code settings are only usefull for very simple setups.

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