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  1. For anyone else having the same problem, I had to add fastcgi_param HTTPS on; to my nginx config files.
  2. Do you know why it would be doing it?
  3. I'm trying to install IPB on my site which is only avalible via https. I use Nginx so redirects are set up on the http version so my site isn't avalible to be viewed, I'm running into issues with installtalling IPB, when doing the install I can't get past the bit where you enter the licence key, it seems that the form is trying to be loaded from http What am I doing wrong?
  4. I agree, my users hated comet chat and arrow chat, to the point that when we switched over to xenforo they all stopped using the chat, and kicking up a stink that were having to change back to IPB, and the chat is the only reason for that. I don't see whats wrong with it at the moment, it works, why does it need rewriting.
  5. Well that's screwed up my plans. The only reason I was about to migrate back was because of the chat app
  6. I've got this problem as well. Whenever I try to upload a avatar it just says the file is missing.
  7. Only 2000 members. I'm on a dedicated server so that shouldn't be an issue.
  8. Anyone? I had to abandon the transfer because it was taking too long.
  9. I've just started doing a conversation from Xenforo, but the converter seems really slow. I've been looking at the database and it seems to be converting about 1 member per minute, at this rate it will take forever, have I done something wrong? Also what do "follow_missing_member" and "follow_missing_rel_info_orphaned" mean in the error log?
  10. I've noticed in version 4, the option to set the header code for ads is not longer available. Is it possible to bring this back, as for those of us that user services like DfP we need to be able to add the matching code in the header for the ad tags to work.
  11. I really hope this is something that is corrected, the proxy should work for all attached images no matter when they were posted.
  12. Is it just me, but ever since the latest update whenever i try to load my unread content feed it can take upwards of 5 mins to load. At first I thought it was my signal, but I have the same problem even when connected to various different wifi networks.
  13. You've just made my day! Only thing left on my check-list now before conversion is for the actually converters to be released.
  14. I really do hope this is implemented soon. id also like to see the option to be able to cache indefinitely or for images to be imported. To help deal with the broken images.
  15. Last time the reason I switched back was xenforo was just so much simpler for me as a admin, I could change things with a few in the templates, which I could never do with IPB, so even though my members prefered IPB, I made the switch back to xenforo. I'm starting to regret this decision in the long run and wish I'd have just stuck with it.
  16. I had the same problem, converted to 3.4 and everything worked, then upgraded to 4 and then lost all my avatars. I'm waiting for the version 4 converters.
  17. BigStamp


    figured it out you have to press enter, and you can't just paste the link
  18. BigStamp


    same goes for youtube videos. my members are used to just pasting the link and it automatically being embedded.
  19. BigStamp


    How to you embed links to other posts on the forum, I've seen other people do it but when I add a link it dosn't embed. Also how to you add twitter links with 4.1
  20. I've noticed you've included image proxying but are the images cached like how the proxy. Works with xenforo
  21. As a new customer well one that's just come back his response has actually reinforced my decision that it would be a good move. It's refreshing to see a company that says things as they are rather than insincerely pandering to customers.
  22. I've noticed in version 4 that the deletion queue didn't exist anymore. Is this likely to be added back in at some point. im not a fan of having things delete instantly and thought this was a novel idea as I was able to set it to 30 days and periodically check the items my mods were deleting before they we gone for good
  23. I've jsut come looking for answer as well, as my members are not happy with the search, they are doing a search using the keyword thats in the title of the thread but the threads nowhere to be seen.
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