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:) Line breaks don't work on mobile so bear with me here. I've decided that I hate images. Or rather images that I have no control over. I don't want someone to post an image in a thread and then have the image not be there a couple weeks later. Similarly, when adding images to my IP.Content articles I don't want to go through the trouble of downloading the image to my computer, and then uploading to my site using IP.Content media manager and then getting the url of the image and then adding that image into the article with ckeditor. There is a faster way to do this that I've seen on a vbulletin forum. Use the image uploader in ckeditor so that imaged from a url are actually uploaded to the server and a new url is formed. This is not only much quicker and easier, but it also preserves the image there forever. Image uploading within the editor provides its own set of benefits when you are sticking to fast reply. I suppose the only obstacle is people who try to manually type in bbcode through the editor like on the mobile skin... :)

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