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The Search Function has A.D.D.?


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I've noticed this time and time again with the search function in IPB and I'm wondering what in the world the code is actually doing when you punch something into the search function.

I come to your forum, looking for a specific mod. So I type in "Dice" because I'm looking for a Dice Rolling mod and it brings up like 8 pages worth of stuff, of which 3 posts are dedicated to old mods and the rest don't make any sense, lol.

What exactly does the software do when you plug something like that in?

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ASFAIK it searches for each word not as a string
perhaps wrapping it in quotes or boolean query would be more precise?

While I understand what you're saying, putting quotations around the word "Dice" seems a bit redundant, seeing as the Search query has NOTHING else to search for, but Dice. Lol.

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