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Bit of Good Feedback for you RE: Image Uploading & Facebook


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See below an email comm from through the night regarding uploading images to the Gallery (and I haven't updated to the latest version yet)

"ps. Yes I've spoken to ***** now, he said he'll have some images soon thank you *****. I did try to take some images from his Facebook but as is typical with FB the whole process was made quite problematic - with standard SW like Adobe Photoshop refusing to import them and then when I'd finally conquered this - ***** [our board] itself wouldn't touch them. I suspect Facebook tampers with metadata on images uploaded by its users which I think is extremely underhanded. Unsurprising. I'm pleased about this in a sense because it shows me that the security we've worked hard to improve on ***** is rock solid. For instance we get approximately 10 to 20 accounts register per day looking to either spam or fish for our members personal information, they barely get through the door and are auto-quarantined. ***** naturally is welcome to an account at any time so as to communicate directly with end-users of course."

I was very happy with this. You made us look good and obviously have ensured IP is a safe place to use in general.

If anyone has read my posts before they might know I detest FB and jump at the chance to criticise or reduce peopleโ€™s confidence in it and have done for many years. It all came down to its beginnings, it's CIA connection, the whole Penis enlargement and Viagra crap tens of millions of people have to see every day, the way it feeds traffic in an all-encompassing manor, I hate'em. A giant and very dirty distraction.

You lot obviously work really hard to pin things down as an ongoing challenge and this is arguably the most important aspect of IP's backbone, with only one of the above mentioned spam accounts managing to get through the net over the past two month (and that didn't manage to post before I'd spotted it)

Just a thank you and encouragement to keep the good work up.

We're working on design for a new board now and we're not going anywhere.

ps - Yes I detest FB but I still want better share / Like buttons on the board as an optional standard.

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