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Gradients in visual skin editor

Ryan Williams

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Hi guys,

One of IP.Board's strongest features IMO is its user-friendly skin editor, which is one of the primary points that sold this software for me over competitors. I don't have the time to build and maintain a completely custom skin, but being able to quickly put together something personalised based on the already-great default skin is superb.

The only issue is despite an official blog post a year or so ago saying that gradient support was being worked on, it's still not present. As such when I produce a custom skin using the editor some things simply look wrong as the absence of gradients ruin certain effects. Buttons look particularly bad without gradients, looking like big flat blocks with a poor bezel on the top — even worse, shadows are gone too which means buttons with a similar colour to their background (eg: 'Preview Post' on the post editing screen) almost completely blend in and don't look like buttons at all.

I'm going to go through and manually add gradients where I can to my main forum, but it's a little offputting knowing I'll have to do this with any future forums I might choose this software for. It'd be great if the skin editor could be updated to generate these gradients.

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