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  1. Hi all, Like I’m sure many people, I often take care of admin jobs on my phone. Frustratingly, while most functionality is available this way, it appears the software hides its drag ‘n’ drop re-ordering features — and offers no alternative way of doing this. Its a real pain having to go get the laptop (if I’m even at home). Any chance this can be updated?
  2. It’s possible you’re dealing with a very different type of the user to the ones this feature would typically be targeted at. To quote my original post: These users can’t be reasoned with. You can warn, inform, and ban to your heart’s content — they’ll be back under a new IP and determined to post garbage. The only thing you can do is slow them down, for which shadow banning is one of a number of methods.
  3. Hey IPS, I've had some feedback from members regarding popular sites they often post content from and would appreciate rich embed support for: DailyMotion (videos) Imgur (albums and images) Kickstarter (videos/info) Streamable (videos) Twitch (live videos and saved videos) These are all very widely posted sites and would be good additions to what I understand to be the existing list: College Humor Facebook Flickr Gfycat Google+ Hulu Instagram SoundCloud Spotify Ted Twitter Vimeo Vine YouTube
  4. I think like any tool it's down to people to use them carefully. Banning is something I generally avoid anyway, preferring to talk people into sense in private which many people are surprisingly receptive to. Shadow banning is more of a specific weapon against the people who are blind to reason and no matter how many times you ban will keep coming back. Even if they're aware of the feature's general presence on the web — which I'm sure they will be over time — it frustrates and disrupts the procrsss of their trolling, and any small victory against such types is useful.
  5. I think Mopar is right, this would essentially be implemented as a global ignore. The responsibility for making sure all different types of content are hidden should really be handled already by the ignore functionality, and if not that's a much bigger issue.
  6. A concept I've seen around for a few years and recently seen referred to by Disqus as 'shadow banning' is something I'd love to see in IPS Suite. See here for a good description: https://blog.disqus.com/introducing-shadow-banning-and-timeouts In short, it's banning a user but they have no idea they're banned — others simply cannot see their contributions and they have no impact on the community. As someone who's dealt with some very persistent trolls who make account after account using endless email addresses and IPs, I can say wholeheartedly that this would make a huge difference to controlling them and provide a small amount of satisfaction in essentially trolling them back.
  7. I tried to do this but didn't have much luck. I created a custom code button that added an ID to the content so that it could be linked to via a manually created table of contents, however the editor appears to strip out any such IDs and I found no way to get round this. I did consider a more elaborate solution where basically the button would insert a piece of text that is in itself a kind of ID, which is rendered invisible on the article itself. JavaScript could then potentially be used to pick up these elements and scroll to them, however it was a lot of work which wasn't essential at the time so I never pursued it. Personally I think that the ability to create anchors is pretty essential in a robust CMS when managing larger pages, I was surprised to find this functionality absent.
  8. Hi everyone, I can't see any way to achieve anything like this using the existing software or a marketplace extension — although please let me know if I've missed something! It'd be nice if members could save/pin/feature topics in their profile, so that when other people visit those profiles they can see a nice selection of topics that person has saved. On my forum in particular this would be used by members to save their most popular topics, as it's a forum where people post creative work and they could use these profiles as a portfolio of sorts.
  9. Hi guys, I spoke to IPS about this and apparently there's no way to do this via the software, so I'm hoping someone here knows of an SQL query or something that I could use. Essentially, I want to nuke all signatures on my forum because when I updated from v3 to v4 the formatting of them all was messed up a bit. Some just look outright broken, while most merely have doubled-up whitespace where I guess the way the forum handles paragraphs/line breaks was changed. I have too many members for it to be viable to manually fix all this, so I'd rather just start again. Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this?
  10. Oh, I don't want to do that. I know that it's a solution, but disabling zooming on mobile devices is a cardinal sin of UX. It can make life very difficult for those with impaired sight, as unlike native apps OS-wide accessibility settings for text size generally don't work in web browsers. Even as a regular-sighted user, I often find myself zooming in on mobile to read particularly small text or look more closely at images. There's no reason to take this functionality away. This can be fixed without such measures and I've explained how in my previous post, but IPS really needs to implement this properly. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  11. Hi guys, There is a quirk when using the mobile breakpoints on at the very least iOS devices, possibly others too. When you touch the editor to begin writing, the web browser will zoom in to more closely surround the editor. When the user has finished or abandons their post, the view doesn't go back to normal when they exit the editing area — the web browser is still zoomed in. The user then has to zoom back out manually, which is a bit of a pain. This is actually a very easy fix via CSS in most cases. This behaviour occurs when editing areas in iOS Safari have a font size of less than 16px (or equivalent), prompting the browser to zoom in. When the editing area is at least this font size, no zooming occurs and the experience is better. It would be great if you guys could incorporate a fix for this. I expect that it's a little bit more involved than with a simple text input because obviously the editor includes a range of font sizes and such depending on formatting, but if there's a way you can rectify this behaviour it'd be much appreciated. I've had numerous people point it out as an annoyance now. :s
  12. Aesthetically it just looks weird now, but it's also potentially worse from a usability perspective too. Think about it, what does some random number in a button mean to a user? It should say 'last page' or something if that's all that will be shown. It was OK before because the series of numbers provided a visual cue that it was indeed a pagination. As it is, unless a user already knows what it is then it could be anything — a view count, an ID, a reply count. It's not good UX.
  13. I understand that, my point is that in the earlier versions of IPS Suite 4.0 more pages were shown here — which was more useful. I've attached an example of how it used to look.
  14. Hey guys, I just caught up with the last two versions of the suite and noticed that the pagination has been changed for mobile. I think that it's much better in general, however one oddity is that beneath the thread titles there is just one wide page shortcut. In the previous versions this pagination showed up as a series of the last several pages, just like in the tablet and desktop breakpoints. This seems like a strange choice as no functionality or usability has been gained from this, but some has been lost. Is this definitely the way it's meant to be, or is it a bug? I've attached the pagination I'm referring to for clarity.
  15. Seems to me like if your members are doing that, the problem is going to exist whether return creates one line or two. The new behaviour is actually more intuitive because it's how word processors such as Word handle paragraphs, not to mention many other web applications, email clients, and CMSs. It shouldn't be difficult for your members to get used to this if given a little time. On a more technical level, I expect that under the hood IPS Suite 4 uses proper <p></p> tags for single uses of return and <br> for shift+return. If people had to do two line breaks to achieve a paragraph, this would result in really poor HTML which could also have a negative effect on things such as image alignment, custom styling, and more. I don't consider it a good idea to mess with this default behaviour.
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