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Posibility to embed custom profile fields in skins


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Here is the reason why embeding custom profile fields in the skin should be made easier and without 3rd party addons in a future version of ip board.

I have a community that gathers motorcycle passionates.
When registering i am asking the members to add some details about them:
- Motorcycle make, model
- Location
- Favourite type - cruiser, enduro, speed bikes. .etc

Let's say i am a biker, i make an account to be able to search through the members list and find a partner in my area.
I can do that right now but the list in my city exceeds 358 pages of 20 results/page. Now that's alot to navigate through.

As the fields are not mandatory at the registration page, not everybody fills them completely. So, in my case it would be great if i could add in the members search listing some custom profile fields, such as City and bike type.

Searching the members would be easier because now to find out something more about a member i have to access his profile, while seing some more info in the member listing could help me reduce the search time.

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