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Long Page Load Times Since IP.Board 3

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Since I upgraded from IP.Board 2 to IP.Board 3 my page load times have significantly increased. Average page load time in Google Webmaster Tools went from 1.5-2 seconds to 6 (and rising). In Google Analytics the increase wasn't that bad, but still noticeable.

It seems like the page is reasonably fast most of the time (Page Load Time <.3s according to the footer) but sometimes it stalls for several seconds. I already had APC installed to try and improve the situation a bit, but so far it does not appear to have done much good.

Unfortunately I don't have root access to the server, so it's hard to run any proper diagnostics. I did manage to obtain some data though - strangely enough it looks like RAM usage as well as Load has not actually increased since the update, except for a few short spikes.

Has anybody had similar experiences and can offer any advice on what to do? Is there any way to figure out what might be causing the occasional long loading times? Can IP.Board log some additional debug information if the load time is longer than X seconds?

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