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SEO 404 Not Found Suggestion


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As you aware, seo is the most valued part of any online website. to consider and focus on this definately makes success of your website.

IP.Board providing this facility, have an some very awesome feature to follow SEO. but few are incomplete.

as you seen in your webmaster tools, there have an section called "Not Found" alternatively "404" it means any URL that deleted from your forum will produce "404 Status" it means this URL are not found but it Crawled by Google if this URL showing in the Google Webmaster "Not Found" place.

This is the correct configuration of IP.Board. but it need enhancement to fix this to be appearing in Google webmaster Error section, because it can intrupt the Ranking of site. More errors More dropping results.

Its my suggestion that during Deleting topics/members/forum/category/rule/help from forum it show Another option called "301 Parmanent redirect" so if site admin want to Redirect the deleting thing to another Internal link so he/she can do it without being caught.

"301 Parmanent" is the only way that fix all of these error being listed in Google error section, it also helping to not intrupting link Juice/Ranking. it means if the deleting link are High ranked, so we can 301 it to another new link and transferring the link rank to the New link.

I hope you everyone think about this suggestion.

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That would be incorrect though.

When you delete a topic, it no longer exists, hence access to that URL should give a 404 page - this indicates to Google that the page no longer exists and instructs them to remove it from their index.

If you make it send a 301, you're telling Google the same content exists at a different location, which it doesn't.

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