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  1. I'M not a new member here. just a small contributer on IM, same as you all respected members here in my Topic. and just pick your URL due to your "Funny" signature. As you don't care, someother care. What i see here is in my topic that most of really don't care same as you. but care debate/discuss and arguments that you don't IMO. Few peoples here asking proof even they don't know what is "Panda and what is Penguin" in Google technology. but hope they start searching right now about this. because after providing soo many examples, other applications example. they still disagree. At the end i just wanna Thanks to all of you with full of Respect. Specially Marcher T. who at the end agree with "301 parmanent hook" and i hope he will suggest this to IPS Managment as he is in QA team. along with Wolfie, AIWA, Aisha, Charless. I hope IPS pick the arguments in this topic and fix them in flexible utilizing manner for better IP.Board SEO. Once again thank you for your time. Please forgive if i hurt you in anyway. Best regards Intasar
  2. You are involving in my topic from the start. and you keep argumenting. I don't know which types of "Document" you want ? Its very simple: here i take Aisha forum example for you. Here is the URL You can see, my talk with proof. "forums" and forum" 2 time, same word. Did you not think we can use our most obident word here ? Did you know that every search engine have limit to read URLs or showing them in Search? if not Please read basic SEO first. If you read Google quality specified guidlines they are also said: "Don't load pages with irrelevant keywords." "We were also asked if it is useful to have relevant keywords in URLs." and you know that keywords could be anywhere, in page, in image, in css, in javascript and in URLs too. they also added in few place that "Whenever possible, shorten URLs by trimming unnecessary parameters." IP.board have trimming parameters. and now we are talking about to short the URLs by reducing useless "keywords". so this is + benefits. for more specifically and well documented discussion HERE on Google official blog. Please read the every coment if you want to pick the Ranking signs. that describe what secret is hidden in URLs. I also want to aware one more big thing here. that you guys can't imagine at all. Google have started blocking "directories" wise URLs. for example if you have a public forum. someone posted copyright thing. so Google block the URL on their first notice like "domain.com/topic/123-Title/" but if they receive 2 and 3 more complain against your site they should block the whole topic directory. What i'm talking is already implemented in VB. as well as IP.Board old SEO Modification for V2.3.6, for example what i talk: the following site forum link. and topic link IP.Board can implement this, so the new URLs structure likely to be domain.com/f123/Title/ or domain.com/f123/Title or domain.com/f123/Title.html same for users and topics. this will result maximum with simple short URLs. and application can easily undersand what user asking and what show by based on short directory wise word f, t, u.
  3. @AIWA, My point is very clear for every one. If the person have deep knowledge of SEO. I will write again for your understanding. its really more strange for me to hearing from you that you are not understanding my english. and its happen after i write "I admit that my english is littlebit bad". I'M trying to say that, if i have forum from 2 years old. and i change its fURL to my desire. so how can i redirect all of them to the new URLs with an "301 parmanent redirect response" ? Thats why i add in my first post that IP.Board need to build additional feature for "301 parmanent redirect". So if we delete/change or repost any of the topic so we can easly "301 redirect" them. @Lucy Its not a basically irony, but Yes, responce of irony. Basically irony was wolfie post that i feel. but I'M sorry if he hurt or mind. and Thanks for your help.
  4. @Marcher, I'M not insulting anyone here. I M sorry if you thought. but the person is trying to Force "Sorry" relization o me. with his "Deep" thinking. so i directly answer HIM. with an research of "Scientists" that i heared before. I don't know why you thought its Insulting ? But iwould ask you here that, What are the manners in your opinion ? "To Force "Admit sorry" relization to anyone ? if Yes, so i m not agree with YOU.
  5. My dear, if you read basic SEO, you will found that. without Good and friendly structure of website. Your "king content" is like a Crocodile without Water. just lazy, sleepy. I'M not understand in which sense you are talking about for 404 ? I think your point is to old structure to new structure 404 not found error. if Yes, So. you are IP.Board developer. and you better know how to deal with 404. instead 404, why not "301 parmanent redirect to new URLs ? Friend, If you read my topic once again, so at the end, i already request for additional "301 parmanent redirect" URLs modification. suppose if my board run since 5 years, that have 1 lakh topics. how can i manually 301 to new fURL ? if IP.Board provide any tool. I Will do. Marcher are you talking about number 2 position or no.2 page ?, There are millions of website that have 100 types of content. but they really not appearing on number 2. but I'M talking no.1 position. not no.2 or 3. if i have unique content. I don't know why this short words going to the end to Z. these are static words. same as "foum, topic, user". I think you are reading it wrongly. I'M not talking about IDs here. I'M talking about to short the general words "forum to f, topic to t and user to u". and its not going to the end.
  6. Sorry to say, but i wanna ask you. Do you posting from the Toilet ? because this type of deep thinking only have an story writers. who write thirller stories. I don't remmeber the news i heared that research found them ost of the "Deep thinker" or "Story writer" thinking good in the Toilet timings. and i tryed it before myself. nothink thik more except "stunk". We are not bidding here on right or wrong. Just a discussion about URLs. and if you visit my profile so you will sure find that how many times i have asking for this. too much concer on SEO. i have write many things that after IP.Board implement. but my style is different then the other one so In my opion i will not describly define my view. so IP.Board not taken my suggesstion but the same suggestion/complain/bug taken others who actually define it. I admit here that my English is not Good. so thats why i have littlebit problem to define this. but kindly don't mind any thing. we just dicuss the issue which i think are "changeable" and all of you are think "Not changeable". Hi Matt, They are really not dumb. but at the end. "Programing Bots". Google have no tools to ignore or delete keywords being found in search. but have a advanced tool which not really help you to showing those bugy URLs as well as bugy response codes. and you can remove them without any issue. but what we do with these useless Keywords ? that are not editable nor deletable ? So my Point is remove or short the following useless keywords that millions of forum websites Generally have. like: "forum, topic, user" etc. In short, I'M talking about onsite/onpage IP.Board optimization.
  7. @ALL, As i said above that i understand that without these words IP.Board have no sense what visitor asking if visitor click "domain.com/123-etc/. maybe its forum, profile, member or topic. But please remmeber that we are talking here about SEO. so we just focus on the things that is friendly for SEO. Please open your webmaster tools account if you have integration. and check What Google showing most detecting keywords. That is "forum, topic, user" because its a general words and readable. What i think the solution is by using forum, topic, user. why IP.Board not pick the short ? like "f,t,u" ? IP.Board can surf with the short codes also. and Google or other search engines will not detect this word. because all the major search engines will not consider 1 word as the site most useful keyword. As you know that this word is appearing all url. it means if we have 1000 topic so 1000 time topic word detect. so IP.Board should be use t instead full topic. This is the simple concept and before the same thing implemented by IP.Board paid Seo modification for 2.3.6 version. they use short word like f, t, m etc. I think this technique can be reduce these useless words. and we then also use the board in sub diectory with name "forum, forums o topic or board etc". Thanks
  8. @ALL, I don't know why you peoples not understanding simple thing. Most of you said its the wrong hosting and domain setup if you have two times "forum, "forum" in your URL. i will prove you its the Application fault. Suppose, i have a website on my "domain.com" and i want to run forum in my "sub directory" my subdirectory name is "forum" so my url should be "domain.com/forum/" RIGHT ? now i browser the forum and i wantt o go to my forum category. so my URL should be "domain.com/forum/forum/123-CategoryTitle/" so by default its showing two times. You people are saying that the person who have his forum install in sub directory and directory name is forum so he is WRONG ? But my question is, how many IPS client does not have installed forum in their sub directory called "forum" or "forums" ? The exsisting URL structure only valid for peoples who run the board on main index so the forum word appearing one time in their URL. Technically, IPS forum installed in their sub domain called "community" but what happen if IPS choose the word forum for their sub domain ? so they probably get the duplicate word "forum once they go to in their category and category forum like "forum.invisionpower.com/forum/123-CATEGORYTITLE/" Hope you understand my point.
  9. @Charles, Thank you for describing. I understand this words "topic, forum, user" telling system what called or what not. but its the programming on directory based that actually work on IDs and help developers to program code easily without being confused in thousands of function in 1 file, RIGHT ?.and your already use both IDs and directories in URLs that is poor exercise for SEO. My Topic point is, if you are using IDs in URLs then what is the point to using directory name ? that cover the useful keyword area. ? I'M giving you the example of "Wordpress" here. you can't see IDs in their fURLL Structure. and they already given advanced tool so its up on to user what type of fURL they want. for example with IDs and category and user and author things words, or without them. I Know this is Board and that is CMS. but both are PHP based and offer "SEO" that is the same for both. I don't think without adjusting useless keywords directory, it will improve the URL structure in existing structure. Agree with you, but if you noticed that there were already have another Word called "Forum" so its ok, that is their forum. Done, but what if their "blog" produce more blog ? like "theirdomain.com/blog/blog/ID-Title/" . bold word is really useless. make the confusion. its same what if "theirdomain.com/forum/forum/ID-Title/" ?
  10. Hi, I'M not eligible to comment on the Main topic of the new 3.4 SEO improvements. so i leave the feedback here with more specific and targeted suggestion. The new URL structure is 3.4 are: it will be more nice and relevant and can getting high rank in SEs if the URL new structure will be. instead using "topic" word in URLS make this word very higher and rich keyword for any IP.Board site. so our natural keyword actually low-down due to these few keywords that showing in every topic, forums, profile urls. and the same pattern use for forum and profile. instead using structure that called the word "forum" and "user" Use simple high and only useful keyword URL. search engine showing this URL "board.com/123/title/" like "board.com/../title/" but this URL which have word will be showing exactly like "board.com/forum/123-title/" because according to search engines these words "topic, forum, user" are the most detectable keywords. This change will be very SEO friendly with quality productivity. Also, make another modification builten that offer manual permanent 301 to any url. for example if we want to redirect some of the 3 old event topic to the new event topic. so can add the link in admin CP that permanent redirect them. I Hope, you consider this useful suggestion.
  11. Hi, As you aware, seo is the most valued part of any online website. to consider and focus on this definately makes success of your website. IP.Board providing this facility, have an some very awesome feature to follow SEO. but few are incomplete. as you seen in your webmaster tools, there have an section called "Not Found" alternatively "404" it means any URL that deleted from your forum will produce "404 Status" it means this URL are not found but it Crawled by Google if this URL showing in the Google Webmaster "Not Found" place. This is the correct configuration of IP.Board. but it need enhancement to fix this to be appearing in Google webmaster Error section, because it can intrupt the Ranking of site. More errors More dropping results. Its my suggestion that during Deleting topics/members/forum/category/rule/help from forum it show Another option called "301 Parmanent redirect" so if site admin want to Redirect the deleting thing to another Internal link so he/she can do it without being caught. "301 Parmanent" is the only way that fix all of these error being listed in Google error section, it also helping to not intrupting link Juice/Ranking. it means if the deleting link are High ranked, so we can 301 it to another new link and transferring the link rank to the New link. I hope you everyone think about this suggestion. Thanks
  12. I Understand, what is your "POINT". but just define me this. "How could it possible that some one Gues the "corect" ID of posts and topic ID from your "Moderating area" ? Suppose, I M Guest, and i m register on your forum. in your forum have "Moderating forum" and when i click and try to access to the forum so i get "Permission Denied" message on screen. Thats it. but "How can it possible that i start Guessing your forum topic IDs and Posts ? even i don't have idea that how many posts and topics made in your forums ? and from where i start searching to your "Moderating posts" ? you said: Ok, i imagine that my topic is title: "Invision Power Brasil". and my post ID is 2050. i imagine this because i m Moderator right ? and i posted this topic in Secure area. so its not possible that this Post ID is leaked in anyway. so how could it possible that someone directly Gone to this URL "http://yoursite.com/index.php/topic/411-invision-power-brasil/page__p__2050 #entry2050" ????? Only team and staff person knows the IDs, so its not possible in anyway that unauthorize user start guessing the correct IDs.
  13. Its amazing to read the tracker issue from him, His answer is in his question. José Antonio can you tell me that how to "revealed" team section topic ID or post ID to unauthorized users ? even they can't access to the team area ? Are you trying to say, some one unauthorized user Gues the "Team section" topic IDs or Posts ? :twitch:
  14. Hi Rimi, I m not pointing to remove "time stamp", let me explain more for You. If you seen image, i only pointed the things that can be showing "Uniquely" and in the "link Title" tag. not in the Anchor text. and as you look well aware about Functionality. so it can be seprately possible. MEANS "last post" or "First unread post" only for signin users. NOT for any users. including "Search engines" hope you got my point
  15. Hi Marcher T, #2, its also a bad practice of "On-page optimization". same 4 links produce 2 "useless" keywords. 1) photo 2) member name. i means in whole forum the keyword "Photo" is the most Inlinked keyword. same applied on Member name. @ Rimi Its not about "Functionality vs SEO" because Google itself is a function able System. same as other Search engines. its all about "Bad practice of SEO". in simple, Poor on page optimization
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